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QMVC - Errata

QMVC 1.3.9

  • MD5 checksum: e77dacab102279e58c0f22934cdc7801
  • Usage: If you don't use the SPAMCONTROL patch, change in the script blackholevirussender.sh the path in the variable BADMAILFROM to your Qmail ./control/badmailfrom file.
  • Bug: The script nullmail does a "return 99". Change it to "exit 99".
  • Bug: The install_qmvc.sh does not copy the template files to their destination directory.

QMVC 1.3.10

  • MD5 checksum: 5e706c7f8376f3b7221aa085573c263e
  • Security update: Prior this version, QMVC failes to detect HapTime VBS virus.
  • Dependencies: Update to Maildrop 1.3.9.
  • Scanner: Fixed Pattern update procedure for Trend Micro and CA InoculateIT.

QMVC 1.4

  • Development: Versions 1.4.0 - 1.4.9 were for development only.

QMVC 1.5.2

  • MD5 checksum: f00ab32359bf7150ffba5ab5759c8cce
  • Release Notes: The substantial changes are documented here.
  • Scanner: Pattern update for Trend Micro doesn't currently work because there is none available (2003-01-09)!
  • Scanner: Pattern update for Sophos has to be Release adjusted in vupdate.conf.

QMVC 1.5.3

  • MD5 checksum: 393393af38b237a2f878508ac6bbdffe
  • Virulator (1.3.2): Misspelled Anchor Name in line 2211. Should be:
  • Linux User: The BSD ncal ist not available for Linux; thus the script WebCalendar will fail.
    Download qmvc_calendar_2003.html and save it as qmvc_calendar.html under /var/qmvc/html/.
  • Netscape 4.78: Bug rendering rows in table with WIDTH=0 (=> Virus Hitlist in qmvcmonth)
  • Netscape 7.x: ALT information is not displayed while moving the mouse over "diemaus" GIF.

QMVC 1.5.4

  • MD5 checksum: 290bb6f4cf2a23ad1ba59d13b01d25ab

QMVC 1.5.5

  • MD5 checksum: 11ac0d7dfa541539ce88b33b6cd364f9
  • qmvclog2html: Includes now flags to hide address of Recipient/Sender in HTML output.
  • Installation: Some comment lines in qmvc are not removed during installation.
  • WebCalendar: Due to a missing "/i" end tag, the Opera browser will show tables in italic.
  • Virulator: Does not display BadMails with filtered "Bad Subject".

QMVC 1.5.9

  • MD5 checksum: 4991e7b74390b2b2e355b3c4b6750823
  • qmvc: Under heavy load, the file qmail.rep may become scrambled.
  • qmvc: Using uvscan, some W32/Netsky virii may slip thru, if reformime fails to disentangle the MIME content.
    FIX: In the function "av_mcafee" change the second call of "${UVSAN}" to:
       ${UVSCAN} --mime --secure -rv --summary ${EXPAND_DIR}/mailbody >> ${VIRUS_LOG}.3 2>&1

QMVC 1.7.0

  • MD5 checksum: 7c87b426766fc3ca8dea310135f6d889
  • qmvc: Aborts of the file utility not considered
  • vupdate: Problems downloading McAfee pattern files

QMVC 1.7.1

  • MD5 checksum: 4991e7b74390b2b2e355b3c4b6750823
  • qmvclog2html: Wrong counter setting for incidents; no mails displayed
  • qmvc 1.7.1a MD5 checksum: 816f54c0799f92d1cccc58abac4d775f
  • qmvc: Bug: Does not recognise virtual domains !
  • qmvc: Bug: The reaction tokens "inform" and "forward" are not evaluated correctly !

QMVC 1.7.2

  • MD5 checksum: 8e999405876e44acc785092c1fb2c68a
  • qmvc: Caution: The default usage of argument "-v" has been changed to "-v-"
  • F-Secure 4.x: Hint: The parameters given for fsav may not need to be correct !

QMVC 1.7.3b [Gentoo Release]

  • MD5 checksum: 3eafa9e59b4b968f779d12a9faf7a050
  • This QMVC release fixes in particular some compatibility problems with Gentoo Linux.

QMVC 1.7.4a

  • MD5 checksum: f6993b01a497e7712126aa1bf0f117b7
  • Some more minor fixes for Gentoo Linux.
  • Added a monthly summary count in qmvcmonth.
  • Fixed reported problems with the 'grep' command. The install script checks now for its capabilities.

QMVC 1.7.5

  • MD5 checksum: 064a7e753d691aae338a44d046282d09
  • Went back to POSIX compliant 'grep' usage (see: man qmvc-filters).
  • Fixed wrong evaluation of Options.

QMVC 1.7.6

  • MD5 checksum: e5a22928d746aa8ff9f3e08f4b1819f7
  • Option "Quitasap" available now for erroneous mails.
  • Changed ftp syntax in vupdate to cope with different ftp client implementations.
  • McAfee: Hint: The current patterns need uvscan version > 4.12.0; otherwise uvscan core dumps!
  • Filtering the worm Worm.Bagle.Gen-vbs with qmvc's badloadertypes mechanism: Include the line
    WinVBS:textfile,wscript.quit; # Bagle.VBS Worm
    into control/badloadertypes. Done !
  • av_uvscan: Still not working due to grep with "-q"!

QMVC 1.7.7

  • MD5 checksum: 55e677b59bdc61e7dd336854a6cf42f6
  • qmvc: Filtering file name extensions, use the following syntax in badfilenames:
    All exe-files: \.exe$
    see man qmvc-filters.

QMVC 1.7.8

  • MD5 checksum: 06d5274cd06cc98a0e23a899843fad02
  • qmvc: Filtering file name extensions with "\.com$" results in false positves, if the domain suffix of the hostname ends with ".com".

QMVC 1.7.9

  • MD5 checksum: 119eb95038f7f47116439b5de0ee59b8

QMVC 1.7.12

  • MD5 checksum: e3491677c032e86e4e2ca402cfee3214
  • qmvc: Since 1.7.10, qmvc includes a badbodytexts command-API. In 1.7.11 the plainmail utilitly was added; and documentation issues were fixed after the beta tests with this release.

QMVC 1.7.14

  • MD5 checksum: bbee16e8cc347f3c9b20948ab6819fc2
  • plainmail: Version 0.5.4 deals correctly with mails including multipart/alternative MIME parts, thus displaying only none-identical parts.