Consulting djbware Publications

Current projects and maintained applications

The following SW applications are actively maintained to cope with changing HW and SW architecture. They should work on most current *iX systems.

Design goals achieved:

The main part is the provisioning of the fehQlibs to bundle all the basic routines in two SW libraries to be statically linked with the application programs. This sketch provides a bird's view:



fehQlibs are the basic routines used for my products. They use Daniel Bernstein's (DJB) main contributions, but extended for IPv6 together with an IPv6 LLU enabled DNS stub resolver and a convenient logging. Two main libraries are provided:


ucspi-tcp6 is the IPv6 enabled version of ucspi-tcp and in addition a CIDR notation of IPv4/IPv6 addresses is possible.


ucspi-ssl uses either OpenSSL or LibreSSL to provide TLS capabilities not only for s/qmail and the Spamcontrol patch but also for a variety applications since it includes StartTLS capabilities.

In August 2018, TLS 1.3 has been published in RFC 8446 and OpenSSL 1.1.1 includes it's radical new features since September 2018. TLS 1.3 capabilities have been included for ucspi-ssl.


djbdnscurve6 is a fork of djbdns-1.05 including full IPv6 support and a CurveDNS enabled dnscache server. Apart from NaCL it requires fehQlibs to build.


s/qmail is considered to be the successor or DJB's qmail with TLS 1.3 support based on ucspi-ssl and authentication using a variety of IdP sources including Dovecot. SPF and SRS features are also available out-of-the-box.


mess822x picks up the idea of mess822 and porting it to /slashpackage while using fehQlibs and additionally adjusting the core routines to current standards and implementations.

Packaging djbware software

If you are an integrator and aiming to package my djbware software, here are some hints:

Please read the adjacent documents in ./doc!

Current projects and slowly maintained applications

The following SW packages -- mostly sets of shell scripts -- are useful together with s/qmail and qmail.


Newanalyse is a set of scripts to be used for s/qmail and qmail log-file bookkeeping and analysis.


QMVC is a script to be used in conjunction with s/qmail's or qmail's qmail-local mechanism to allow virus and spam filtering.

Version 1.8 is already finished since ages; though need to be published and documented.

Outdated projects and un-maintained applications

Spamcontrol patch for vanilla Qmail

For more than one decade, the Spamcontrol patch was a standard mean to make qmail robust against spam and virus attacks; also including TLS and auth capabilities.

Patches for vanilla Qmail

Apart from Spamcontrol, I made series of of extensions (patches) separately available on my Qmail support page; most prominently the Qmail Authentication patch together with a CRAM-MD5 capable PAM (cmd5checkpw). I don't recommend to use them anymore; they are not 64 bit clean.

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