s/qmail Documentation

We consider at first the layout of s/qmail according to the 'Big Picture':

Figure: The s/qmail 'Big Picture' (available as PDF)

Man pages are available for the individual moduls and main components of s/qmail.


Individual topics can be found in the following chapters:

  1. s/qmail ids and limitations (done)
  2. s/qmail file system usage (done)
  3. Server Setup (done)
  4. Recipients Verification (done)
  5. Authentication & Authorization (done)
  6. Transport Layer Security (done)
  7. Malware Prevention (done)
  8. Local Delivery (to be done)
  9. Remote Delivery (to be done)
  10. QMQ (to be done)
  11. Multitenancy (to be done)
  12. Logging (to be done)
  13. Maintenance (to be done)