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IT Security

IT Security

Information is like a seed: It unfolds it's potential falling on a fruitful ground. However, beeing picked up and used by the wrong people, it may be used for social engineering (manipulation) with severe consequences.

Since information is always the interpretation of data, special care has to be taken to guarantee uncompromised data and (still not in focus of traditionell IT Security) not to publish our information unsolicited, since reversely this shows our understanding of the data, which can be used for so-called side-band attacks.

While IT Security mostly deals with technical means to 'encapsulate' data not to be readable by everybody rather the information requires particular protection.

  Apart from the TLS (1.3) enabled high-integrity mail transport software s/qmail
and DNS message encryption based on Dan Bernstein's NaCl provided by djbdnscurve6
I teach IT Security at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.